Welcome to ReliefMCNetwork, we are a  Minecraft Server Network. Our goal is to provide unique server modes for everyone to enjoy and play within a small community of friends. We take pride and joy on our work and our goal is always player satisfaction.

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Our native version is 1.16.5

We support clients up to 1.12 and above.

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Dedicated hardware specs

AMD Ryzen 9 | 15GB DDR5 RAM 

NVMe SSD | 1GB Internet Speed

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Hello everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying the new Mines & Money Update! Thanks for everyone who has been playing and reporting bugs, errors, and recommendations to us! While some things we can fix or add on the fly. There is other stuff that required more development to get it right. Regardless the Bug Fix 1.1 Update Fixes many issues reported by players, and we added things players where requesting as well. We are also happy to announce that a the next update "The Farm Update" is in stage 2 of development! More news will come soon!

FRIDAY 21, MAY 2021

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event news:

A new set of events for the month of December have been released in our Discord. New rewards and prices for everyone to compete for! We have in game rewards and rewards that are usable in our server store. Click here to learn more!

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Check our upcoming plans for SkyTown with our development roadmap.

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  • MAY 1st 2021

PvP Update

  • MID 2021

Skytown bug fix update

  • saturday 19 2020



emergency services

  • late 2021


Thursday 21, APril 

We are introducing a new currency system into our Discord (High Coins) which can be earned only in our Discord server and exchanged for Air Coins in game. A new chat channel will open in order to trade in your HC for AC.

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