Welcome to ReliefMCNetwork, a Minecraft Server Network. Our goal is to provide a single place for everyone to enjoy and play within a small community! We currently provide a Survival and Creative server for clients running 1.12.2+. We are developing the following game modes plan for 2021, SkyTown and ReliefRealms.

SERVER IP: goplayrelief.com

Discord: Join Now!

Version: 1.16.3

Supported Clients: 1.12.2 +

All servers are running on the following Hardware:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 / 10GB of DDR4 RAM / NVMe SSD's / 1GBbits Internet Connection


Creative Mode 1.16.3

Build with, us and let your imagination grow!

Welcome to our Creative Mode Server. Everything you’ll need to build to your heart’s content can be found here for you to use. We utilize FAWE to make building and terraforming easy, along with goPaint, goBrush + 257 Custom Brushes, ArmorStandTools, and HeadData Base GUI for you to use with zero limitations.* Let your imagination run wild and create in diffrent world types, so you are not limited to boring plot squares only!


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*Full server access available only for Discord members. Click here to join



Surviving is your only objective. Play alone or with friends. Take your time and enjoy your play through or challenge your self during the Blood Moon, and see if you can last the night. Build bases, setup shop and more with our new survival mode!

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More than just another Minecraft server, we are a community of players from the developers to the players who join our network for the first time. We welcome you to be the seed of an amazing community journey as we develop and grow together to establish our brand as one of the top networks in the Minecraft community.


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