List of Ban Players

Complete list of all players who have been ban and had their bans lifted. Not all players qualify for the ban removal. Make sure your "Ban Severity" is low and if you are allowed to submit an application before submitting one. We rarely handout bans to players, chances are if you are in here you did something extra to turn up in our Hall of Ban. Remember we will use all information and logs against you to keep the ban, it is up to you convince us and over turn a ban. Remember you only get once chance, best if you never end up here.

Player Name: faultyservers

Ban Operator: congress_

Ban Date: 8/26/2020

Ban Severity: Medium

Ban Appeal Availability:  No

Ban Application Status: 

Ban Description: Lag Machine

Player Name: 

Ban Operator: 

Ban Date: 

Ban Severity: 

Ban Appeal Availability:  

Ban Application Status: 

Ban Description: 

1 Current Ban Players 

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