Here a list of the most frequently asked questions, if there is something you are looking for and its not listed here contact us on discord and one of our staff can further assist you.

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Skytown faq 

Q: How do I play SkyTown, and what is SkyTown?

A: To learn how to play and what is SkyTown you can read this documentation by clicking here! 

Q: I purchased a rank or feature in the webstore but I keep getting a "No permissions error".

A: Worry not, sometimes the server communication from our store to our database bugs out and some times the data is not updated in real time. Simply log off the server and reconnect! If you still have issues contact us in Discord ASAP!

Q: I can't start my own island, every time I use /island I get a "No permissions error" but my friend has an island already.

A: Island creation is blocked behind a city permit in game, you need to purchase the city permit with Air Coins to access the /island command and creation. A friend with an island of their own can invite other friends to join them in their island and gives access to /island command (only works for teleporting back to the island, island creation is still disable.)

Q: What is the "Internet Subscription" and who do I need to access some bank and shop features?

A: The "Internet Subscription" is a feature that brings "mobile banking" and "online shopping" to players. Instead of having to teleport to the spawn and purchase your items, the internet feature gives you access to a limited internet shop that can be access from anywhere. You also get access to the online banking features; deposit, withdrawal and chck bank balances from anywhere in the server. This saves you multiple trips to the Sky Bank in town. 

Q: How do I play SkyTown, and what is SkyTown

A: Click here to learn more.

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