Creative Mode 1.16.3

Welcome to our creative mode for advanced and professional builders... sort of. Everything you’ll need to build to your heart’s content can be found here for you to use. We utilize FAWE, goPaint, goBrush with 250 custom brushes to make building and terraforming easy. Use cosmetic items to spice up your builds, continue reading for more information.


We provide diffrent types of creative worlds from vanilla, plots, and custom created maps for members to enjoy and build with no limits. Enjoy the traditional plot worlds with multiple sizes to build in, merge your plots to create bigger builds and plots! Custom created maps for our members to explore and build from diffrent sizes, biomes, themes, and more!


We provide a set of diffrent tools to make sure you have everything you need to build to your hearts's content.

More Information

Creative Mode can be played in two ways. Traditional plot claiming & Block Claiming. Both modes come with identical tools & services. Block Claiming is considered an extension of our creative mode. Below is a complete list of all available plugins and services free of charge.

To access the creative servers use /server creative. To view diffrent worlds within the servers do /warp list for a list of available worlds.

Creative Rules

Besides our normal rules these are some extra rules & information for creative only

click here to read all of the survival related rules. 

Claim up to 20 Plots

+10 Additional Plots when joining our Discord.

Full Access to FAWE + VoxelSniper / goPaint & goBrush

+250 Custom Height Brushes for goBrush Click here to see all brushes.

Download / Upload Schematics

Full Access to Head DataBase GUI

Over 1000 Heads


1 Free Private Creative World Per Member

Includes 1 Warp

Free Chunky 2.0 Renders

HD Quality

Player Particles

Build in style, select from 10 available player particles.

GadgetsMenu GUI

Don't build alone and select from 3 available pets and 5 available gadgets.


Full access to the bannerMaker GUI tool


Complete Access to PictureOnMap Tools

Daily Backups

Restore saved backups for up to 15 days old.

Render request can be found here

Backups can be requested here

Custom brushes Image List can be found here

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