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What is SkyTown?

Discord Weekly Giveaway! Hello everyone! We have some exiting news! Starting this Saturday we will begin doing giveaways every week! This will include Ranks, Money Pouches, Crate Keys and Nitro Subscriptions!


How to win!


First! You make sure to join our discord server! LINK HERE


Second, go to our announcements channel under "Info" and react with the emoji and you'll be place in a list to participate in the giveaway event! There will be a total of 3 prices!


Last, login to our Discord every Saturday to participate in the event. A special chat will open on the day of the event for those who reacted to the post only. You will have to guess the number the bot generates, the winner will be announce when someone guesses the bot number correct. Deadline to participate is Friday @ 11:59PM Make sure you react with the emoji!


Week 1:

1st: 1 Month Nitro Sub
2nd:  Perm Knight rank on the server
3rd: Event Tier 1 money pouch 

Week 2:

1st: Event Tier 2 money pouch

2nd: 2x Spawner crate keys

3rd: 8x vote crate keys

Week 3: 
1st: 1 Month Angel Rank
2nd: 2x sell wands (3000 uses)
3rd: event tier 1 money pouch

Week 4: 
1st: 1 Month Nitro Sub
2nd: event tier 2 money pouch
3rd: 2x ground crate keys

Week 5: 
1st: 3 Heaven Crate Keys
2nd: 4x ground crate keys
3rd:  1x spawner key

Week 6: 
1st: 1 Month God Rank
2nd: 80 mcmmo points & event tier 1 money pouch
3rd:  1 sell wands (3000 uses)

Week 7: 
1st: 1 Month Nitro
2nd: perm knight rank
3rd: Internet package upgrade.

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