eta : February - March

The Mines & Money update will bring multiple ways for player activates to earn more money and get rid of the grind! Players will be able to have jobs, quests, bank loans with interests and punishments for those who dont pay in time. Grab a pickace and go mine in our prison like style mines! Players will now be able to gather resources from the mines, and use them in their island or sell them for money for more upgrades.

Explore a brand new location in the map! Take a trip back to the past and see the remains of the old city. Discover secrets, quests, NPC's, and more! Earn more money by doing multiple jobs! Earn Sky Coins and increase your MCMMO Skill points!  

New interactive NPCs roam the city! Each with a unique story and quests to complete and unlock. Different quests to complete and unlock. Various levels will keep you entertain and make it worth your while! Earn rewards, sky coins, crate keys, and more! 

Explore our brand new prison like mines! A new underground location with two large mines to explore and collect resources! Self regenerating mines, ensure all players get an opportunity to collect ores! Not only can you mine for ores here but you can find new Quest NPCS, and two new NPC Shops! Explore more than the mines and see a glimpse of the old town. Join us during Discord Mine Events for better ores, prices and more!

Bank loans, interests, island taxes, and punishments! A new and unique banking plugin available only in our server! Take out loans to upgrade your island and purchase resources! Pay taxes on your islands. Deposit, withdraw, view your available balance and pay off your loan. Can’t pay? Non payers are punish to work in the mines until their loans are paid off! 

SkyTown Tutorial Island! A new and quick way to learn about SkyTown and how to play in the server. With interactive Holograms, diagrams, and links to our website for more information! New players will spawn here before entering SkyTown!

planned features


  • Multiple jobs to join

  • Bank loans

  • Island Taxes

  • Mines & Mines PVP

  • New City Location

  • Quests

  • Mob Cash

  • New QoL Features

  • New Banking System

  • Loan Punishments

  • Tutorial Island

  • CMI Integrations

  • Player Particles

  • Gadget Menu GUI

  • Pets

  • Lotto

  • Easter Eggs

  • Server Performance Tweaks

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