Saturday MAY 1st 2021

In our initial release we introduce the concept of SkyTown, with player feedback and in house development we are happy to introduce our first content update, The Mines & Money Update.  This new update introduces new changes to the spawn, we focused on player activities, creating a semi-open world experience, adding player public mines, and giving players more ways to earn money. Game play will now feel more immersive with new interactive NPCs, Quests, New Explorable Location, Player Mines, Player Cosmetics, Phone GUI, and more! You can find a complete and detailed list of changes, fixes, and other information at the bottom!


Explore a brand new location in the map! Take a trip back to the past and see the remains of the old city. Discover secrets, quests, NPC's, and more! Earn more money by doing multiple jobs! Earn Sky Coins and increase your MCMMO Skill points!  

New interactive NPCs roam the city! Each with a unique story and quests to complete and unlock. Different quests to complete and unlock. Various levels will keep you entertain and make it worth your while! Earn rewards, sky coins, crate keys, and more! 


Explore our brand new prison like mines! A new underground location with two large mines to explore and collect resources! Self regenerating mines, ensure all players get an opportunity to collect ores! Not only can you mine for ores here but you can find new Quest NPCS, and two new NPC Shops! Explore more than the mines and see a glimpse of the old town. Join us during Discord Mine Events for better ores, prices and more!

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SkyTown Tutorial Island! A new and quick way to learn about SkyTown and how to play in the server. With interactive Holograms, diagrams, and links to our website for more information! New players will spawn here before entering SkyTown!

Complete Update Notes & Changes


New Main Features:

  • 2 New locations in Spawn (Mines & Clock Tower) The mines are inspired by mines in prison servers, but ours are better because they are not squared mines! You can find two large mines loaded with ores for you to mine!


  • Interactive NPC’s – Chat with NPCs around town and get helpful information or just gossip that goes around the city.


  • NPC Quests – 18 Custom quests to complete for rewards from money, crate keys, and more!


  • 2 Mine NPC Stores – We added two new NPCs for players to use while in the mines. One will sell & buy ores from players, while the other fixes your current hand item.


  • Tutorial Island – The new tutorial island is a 3-5 min walk around the island, you can learn what the server has to offer, once you are done jump into the teleporter and you’ll spawn in SkyTown!

  • Jobs – The classic jobs plugin has now been added to SkyTown to give you a more RPG feel and allowed you to make money for island upgrades, purchases, and more!


  • VeinMiner Tools – These little puppies help you mine ore veins in an instant! Simple left click with your tool in hand, crouch (left shift) and begin mining! Perfect for when mines are reset, and all the new ores have been generated.


  • Lotto MC – Just like real life lotto! Buy a ticket and see if you’re the winner! Odds are 1 to 100? Depends on the player count!


  • Mob Cash Drops – Yah! Kill those mobs and now get money! Got a spawner of creepers? Well, this is your AC printing machine! Just do not die!


  • New Discord Economy to Exchange for Air Coins – A new economy for discord members! Earn Relief Coins in discord thru events, games, giveaways, and exchange them for Air Coins or Discord name tags.


  • Phone GUI – The new phone GUI brings all your most used commands into one easy to use interface. That is not all, thew phone GUI gives you access to other apps, such as player information, cosmetics, warps, online banking, phone mini games, and more!


  • New Minions Buying System – Our old minion buying system was crap, so we rehaul it and now can be purchase directly from the phone GUI in the Minions App instead of an NPC!


  • New Location in Train Station – We added a new information desk to the train station, you can ask Jarvis or information and purchase warp tickets.


  • Player Cosmetics & Particles – We added multiple player cosmetics to make your character in game stand out, from cloaks, particles, gadgets, and more for you to enjoy.


  • Pets – Yeah! Pets, now you can have your personal pet, from multiple choices to select from! And you can also ride them!


  • Mysterious Drinks – Are mysterious drinks that can give you a boost or harm, but you’ll never know unless you can read fine print…


  • New Secret Crates – New crates hidden around the world give you new items, cosmetics, and other items for you to enjoy. These crates can be open with XP or AC Only.


  • DynaMap – We added Dynamap, use the phone to open the map link.

Postpone Features:


These items have been postpone as we continue to work the bugs and issues, they required extra development and will be added in the next couple of days.

  • Bank Loans & Punishments

  • Black Market

  • Server Taxes & Island Taxes


Changes & Additions

  • Updated Economics & Item Prices.

  • New TAB GUI.

  • New Player Score Board.

  • New Features to the Internet Subscription.

  • Rehaul of Ore Generators.

  • New Informative Holograms.

  • New Players will Spawn in Tutorial island then SkyTown.

  • Adjusted Rewards in Voting & Vote Parties.

  • Changed broadcast messages to 30 minutes.

  • Added new informative broadcast messages.

  • New Warps for Hotel & Mines.

  • Permissions have been added or fixed.

  • Hub is now a vanilla world.

  • Quality of life improvements.

  • New command to check pocket balance /wallet works the same has /money /bal

  • New chat system to allow players to chat in global, ranged, standard channels.

  • Chat filter to sensor offensive words

  • Store NPCs have new skins

  • Town Hall NPCs have new skins

  • NPC names have been adjusted to separate from each other; blue = NPC Shop, Orange = Informative NPC, Yellow = Quest NPC , White = Regular NPC

  • Added a new entrance to the Hotel

  • Added “JukeBoxes” special crates that can be open with XP or large amounts of money.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Salary Manager Bug.

  • Fixed lift bug not allowing players to use them.

  • Fixed a hole in the Hotel Glass.

  • Fixed issue of player not losing money when dying.

  • Fixed Rank Commands.

  • Fixed Cool Downs.

  • Fixed issues on player kits having wrong enchantments.

  • Added Interaction / Use flags to multiple regions.

  • Fixed Armor sets in Kits.

  • Fixed Tool sets in Kits.

  • Fixed warmups in commands.

  • Fixed bug not allowing player to buy lvl 4 island.

  • Fixed a bug not allowing players to buy Ore Generators.

  • Fixed a bug where bulk selling was disable.

  • Fixed a bug where leaves would not decay.

  • Fixed an issue with warps showing to players while using /warps.

  • Fixed bug on roads not working properly or having the wrong speeds.

  • Fixed a bug on hotel signs not interacting as public rooms.

  • Fixed bugs in armor kit sets.

  • Fixed enchantments on armor kit sets.

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