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network rules

We have placed a set of rules and guidelines to follow while playing in our Network. We expect every player to follow and respect them, failure to do so, can result in a ban or temporary removal of our Network. For SkyTown Rules Click Here, For Creative Rules Click Here.

Chat Rules (Discord/Server)

1) Please do not tag any of the staff unnecessary. Discord Rule

2) Toxicity/Harassment:

Toxicity encompasses multiple other subjects that are punishable. These are but are not limited to:


  • Don't overuse mature language

  • Excessive harassment or disrespect towards other players and staff members.          

  • Continuously arguing with players and staff members. 

  • Talking about inappropriate topics excessively (sexual activity, drugs, other illegal activities, politics,  etc.)

  • Death threats, encouraging suicide, encouraging self harm, etc.

  • Excessive swearing

  • Non stop using all kinds of swear words in chat.

3) Please use the proper channels for their intent purposes. Discord Rule

Use the #off-topic to chat about anything! Feel free to suggest a channel addition to our staff.

4) No Memes, or image macros in any form - these will be deleted on sight Discord Rule

All building related images are allowed, for example an image showing a build or steps to create a unique wall, etc. are allowed.

5) Spamming is not allowed


  • Spamming 1 2 3 4 

  • Spamming with multiple people 

6) No impersonating any kind of player or staff member / Don't act like a staff member

  • We don't mind if you help players and of course you have the right to say something if a player is doing something that is annoying, but let the real staff members do their work if goes out of hand. Don't answer questions you are sure about or is not confirmed on our sites. 

  • If you want to apply for a staff member position and you want to start with helping others and reporting people that are going against the rules of our server, great. But remember you are not a real staff member yet so don't act like one please.

7) No advertising 


  • No links, IPs, invites to other Discord Servers or Minecraft servers that is not made by our studios.

  • Only advertise your Instagram or Youtube channel if it has something to do with our network. Like a picture about or a video.

  • Talking about servers (meaning big servers like Hypixel) is allowed in PMs. 

  • Asking to join a server by just saying a name falls under advertising too.

8) Don’t ask for ranks, staff ranks, ect

9) Don’t overuse caps 

10) DDoS and DOX Threats 

DDoS (Denial of service attack) and DOXING threats are not allowed. We take these very seriously so you well get instantly banned joke or not.


11) No Racism and Homophobia

 - Excessive racism, racial slurs, and homophobia is not tolerated.

12) Don't post links redirecting to IP grabbers, screamers, etc.

General Rules

To view in game, do /rules in any server.


1) Use common sense, no toxic or inappropriate builds.

2) Disturbing players


Spamming in messages, standing in the way or spamming with tpa or other related issues.

3) Hacking

  •  Having any kind of hack or hack client on your PC for Minecraft and you join our server is forbidden.

  •  Using command or text macros will also be considered hacking.

4) Causing lag

On purpose causing lag on the server is forbidden. if it happened on accident and you may think its a bug please report it to a staff

5) Inappropriate names/skins/signs/books are forbidden

6) Max of 3 accounts on our server.

7) Bypass a mute or ban

 Its prohibited to talk if you have a mute or get on the server if you have a ban in whatever way there is. This will get you a higher mute/ban or an IP Ban for a longer time or forever.

8) Abusing game breaking glitches/bugs

Like hacks everyone needs to have a fair chance so no abusing any major or game breaking glitch or bug that will give you an unfair advantage is against the rules.

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