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A unique take on the classic skyblock game mode for Minecraft. Explore and interact with the main spawn like never before, all the action is in the city as you interact with other players, NPCs, and the city it self. SkyTown offers players a realistic and challenging gameplay for players to enjoy. Realistic economics, city services, interactive NPCs, and more coming soon. With future planed updates! Bringing new features, challenges, and more with every update.

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SKytown news

Mines & Money Update:

The first content update for SkyTown is currently under development! During the holidays we got together and worked out a road map for SkyTown for everyone to follow. The first update, Mines & Money will feature multiple ways to earn money from Jobs, quests, mob drops, bank loans, along with punishment's for not paying back your loans. This update will also feature mines for players to gather ores in prison like style mines. This is where you'll end up if you don't pay back your loans in a timely manner.... More news coming soon!


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Check our upcoming plans for SkyTown with our development roadmap.

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  • February - MArch


  • MID 2021

Skytown bug fix update

  • saturday 19 2020

PvP Update

  • early 2021

emergency services

  • late 2021


wednesday 16, december

Hello everyone, the Bug fix update is near completion and should be rolling out to the live server on Saturday 19th around 12:00 hours. The update aims at fixing and patching bugs reported by players and others we found. A complete change log will be available soon for everyone to read. The server will go into maintenance mode while we update the live server. 


wednesday 10, december

Special thanks to Jorge and his amazing build team from Keystone Building in helping SKR's dream come alive! They have helped us build an amazing spawn like we've never seen before. We look forward to bring you amazing and unique builds with the help of Keystone Building as we continue to work together to bring you new content updates!

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