skytown commands

Commands listed on this section are for SkyTown only and are commands accessible to players without a paywall, like purchasable ranks. For those specific rank commands visit the SkyTown Rank webpage to view and learn all the commands.

General Game Commands

/kiteboard on/off


/warp list

Economy Plugins




/bank balance

/bank deposit

/bank withdrawal

Island commands

Alias: /is for /island



/island top

/island challenges

/island chat

/island upgrade

/island level

/isand sethome

/island near

/island greenhouse


/auction or /ah

/ah sell {price}

/pv #

/gmenu main


/hdb search {input}


/shop Internet






/inspect {player}

/mcmmo help



/quests list [page]

/quests quit [quest]

/quests journal


Alias: /cell and /ph


Enables or disables the informational kiteboard score board.

Shows you the available kits.

Shows you the available warps.

Check your pocket balance.

See the top players with the most money.

See the bank Info 

Check your bank balance.

Deposit money into your bank account.

Withdraw money from bank account.


Brings up the island creation GUI menu or teleports you to your island.

See who has the top island.

Check island challenges.

Enables or disables the island chat.

Opens the upgrade GUI window.

Starts a scan to see what level your island is currently on.

Set the spawn location of your island.

Check who is near your island or cordinates.

Brings up the biomes GUI menu.

Opens the auction house GUI menu.

Puts the current item for sale on auction house.

Opens the player vaults. Use # to open diffrent vaults.

Opens the gadgets GUI menu.

Opens the HeadData Base GUI menu.

Search for heads in HeadData Base.

Opens the banner maker GUI Window.

Opens the Internet Shop GUI window. (Requires Subscription)

Check your McMMO Stats.

See who is the top McMMO player.

Opens the McMMO point redeem GUI menu.

Check your skill level.

Inspect another players level.

Brings up the McMMO help menu in chat.

Displays the quest help page.

List available quests

Quit a current quest

View or hide your Quest Journal

Displays your phone's GUI screen

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