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What is SkyTown?

Welcome to SkyTown, just your ordinary skyblock server. So what is exactly SkyTown and what makes us diffrent from all the other skyblock servers? SkyTown, is SKRWildfire's personal take on how skyblock is played. Our skyblock server is meant to bring more activities to players than hanging out in their island. Players can go visit NPC Shops, explore mines, setup shops in spawn, complete quests and more! Our spawn works like a hub where players can interact with the spawn and other players along with Interactive NPCs. We have developed our spawn to mimic a real life city. We have added server taxes along with taxes for your islands, city buildings, shops, player shops, loans, train system, hotel, internet like features, interactive NPCs, easter eggs,  custom economics, and with planned updates more features and locations will be added to SkyTown!

How to start?

When you jump in, you'll start in the "Tutorial Island" which will show you some good to know things about SkyTown. Once you are done, jump into that teleport and you'll spawn in the SkyTown Train Station! 


That's right! You just arrived at SkyTown! Welcome new citizen, we are happy to have you here! So first of all you'll want to take a look at the city and explore a bit. When you are done exploring you are ready to start your new journey, you will start with 1000AC (Air Coins,  SkyTown's currency) this should be enough to get some supplies or purchase a room in the Sky Hotel. The Sky Hotel is your home, while you have no island...

SkyHotel rooms can be rented and use to store your supplies, craft some things, and rest up after a long day. In SkyTown it is required by law to have a Island Build Permit before any citizen of SkyTown can own their own island. Permits cost 45000AC and can be purchased at the Town Hall and will start you with a 50x50 island. 


How do I earn money?

So how do I get the money to purchase my island? 

There is multiple ways to make money in SkyTown that varies from getting a job, selling items, mining, quests  and things in between. Here are the current available ways to earn money. Get creative when making money for your self, but remember you need to stay within the guidelines and follow the rules when making money in creative ways. Here is a list of ways to earn money.

  • Mine items in the public Nether & End and sell to the shops in town.

  • Mine items in the SkyTown Mines!

  • Trading items with players

  • Selling items on the market

  • Jobs

  • Quests

  • Selling items to the black market

  • Voting and Vote Crates.

  • Hour Pay (Depends on your rank how much you earn every hour)

  • Vote party

  • Chat games

  • Island Challenges

  • Official events


We understand if the grind is not for you, we have available items in the web store to help you out during your financial troubles. It also helps in running and maintaining the server, and our developers appreciate it alot ♥️. (ensure you read our EULA before making any purchases, all sales are final!)

  • (IRL SHOP) buy money packs, crates, buy ranks to increase money, 


What is the end game of SkyTown?

Fun! In short there is no end game for Skytown. We do not do seasons like the current trend surrounding many servers at the moment and instead approach SkyTown in a diffrent direction. Think of SkyTown like an online game, with new content being added to continue bringing new features and new ways to enjoy the server. You can view our road map here, and check what updates and features are plan for SkyTown.


Is there anything competitive in SkyTown? And do I get things if I win it?

No, there is no end game so there is not a quarterly competition for who has the biggest island or most island points or most money. There will be a scoreboard with commands but there is no price if you made it to number 1. So you can be competitive with your friends or other people on the server but officially there is nothing to win in that way, it's all for fun.

Tiers of Islands

Island can be unlock with in game money or bought from our server store. (every tier is from y=0-255):

  • First islands Tier 1 - 50x50 Build permit = 1.5 mil                  

  • Tier 2 - 100x100 - Extension Upgrade permit = 1.5 mil        

  • Tier 3 - 200x200 - Extension Upgrade permit = 2 mil 

  • Tier 4 - 300x300 - Extension Upgrade permit = 2.5 mil 

  • Tier 5 - 400x400 - Extension Upgrade permit = 3 mil

  • Tier 6 - 500x500 (this 1 is only available through the IRL shop)

If you buy any of the island upgrades you wont have to restart your island, it will update your current island (ONLY FOR ISLANDS OWNERS). 

What does my Rank get/do?

To find out what your specific rank gets or to see all ranks available for SkyTown, click here.

Our free ranks on the server:


Citizen rank:  [default rank]

  • (White) [Citizen] in game rank

  • /kit peasant

  • /pv (1 vaults)

  • 5 second cooldown in teleports (tpa,spawn,warps)

  • 1 sethomes

  • 4 listings in /ah (auctionhouse)

  • access to fisher minion

    • max 1 minion

  • per hour of online time they get 20 air coins

  • total of 1500 aircoins (they get 1 week free room)

  • max 3 sign shop sign

Noble rank: (free when joined our discord server)

Head over to #general-support or make a support ticket with your IGN and ask for the Noble rank. And we will give it for free and you can keep it as long as you stay in our Discord server.

  • (Purple) [Noble] in game rank

  • /kit citizen

  • /pv (2 vaults)

  • 5 second cooldown in teleports (tpa,spawn,warps)

  • 3 sethomes

  • 8 listings in /ah (auctionhouse)

  • per hour of online time they get 40 aircoins

  • total of 1750 aircoins

  • max 6 sign shop signs

  • fisher and feeder minion

    • max 2 minion


Internet Package

The internet package allows players to access the in game online store, mobile banking, and access to SkyTown's Ebay like auction site. With the internet package it can save you some time from traveling from your island to town, and back. Online shopping stock is limited.


P2P or F2P

SkyTown is 90% F2P, all the important upgrades like your island range upgrades, member amount and even the internet package can all be bought with in game money but also with irl money. 


Future updates

Future updates are planned to continue the growth of SkyTown and to bring unique ideas to the server.

You can keep track of what is planned for the future by checking out Road Map here.



Events will be hosted on various dates and are announce first in our discord event. All events are hosted on our discord server. All event dates will be listed in our discord server and our Event Calendar in the home page.

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