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Learn about every update we have released and every planned update we have planed for the future. Don't forget your feedback and recommendations are important for us, it helps us decide where to go in the future. And what features are develop for the server. 

last update: December 21, 2020

Mines & Money Update

The Mines & Money update will bring multiple ways for players to earn more money, from taking bank loans with interest, jobs, mob cash, and quests. The update will also bring mines based off the familiar prison servers. Including one event mine and two public mines. 

Farm Island update

Nothing says hard work like living the farmers life, the Farm Island updates goal is one thing, make you a farmer! A medium size island for players to farm, grow and earn mcmmo points or money. Will include quest related to Sky Farm and interactable NPCs.

relax update

Update will aim in bringing relaxing amities to the residents of SkyTown. New island addon, camping, forest, beach, aprtments, and more! More details will come as we approach the update.

bug fix 1.0 update

Saturday 19 2020

The bug fix 1.0 update fixes many bugs reported by players and other bugs we found as well. We also added an OP Generator, and missing blocks to the DIYer store.

PvP update

Grab your sword and Health Insurance! No insurance!? SkyField has got you cover! Grab a ticket and ride the train to the PvP Arenas in SkyField Sport Center. Fetures one large arena for pvp events and two smaller ones for player pvp fights 

Emergency Services

Emergency services will be the first update to overhaul the main spawn to add new government buildings such as; police station, hospital, and a firefighters house. More details will come as we approach the update.

amusement park update

Update will aim to add a new island with a complete theme park, including a roller coaster for players to ride. Will feature many new ways to earn money. More details will come as we approach the update.

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