skytown rules

Besides our normal rules these are some extra rules/info for Skyblock only.

1) No Scamming


  • Scam is when a person is dishonest about a deal made for items/money and takes those items or money from the victim without honoring their deal.

  • No scamming of any items through the market or in 1 on 1 deals.

  • Couple common scams people do:

  • lie to you about an item that is valuable but it isn't

  • Asking you to join his/her island and investing your own items from the 

  • start(giving all your items or money) and then kicking you from the island.

  • Renaming items and tricking players.

  • Selling normal items for absurd high prices

  • For your own safety record and/or make screenshots/pictures when you are doing business with others. So if it goes wrong you have at least some proof , without good proof we don't and can not act much on the report.


2) IRL deals


  • An IRL deal is when 2 players make a deal where 1 player buys an item from our IRL server shop like a rank or a crate key and sells it with the other player for in game money.

  • IRL deals are allowed with the rule that it must be in our network only. And not include any other server or game.

  • IRL deals related to in game item for in real life money isn't allowed

3) No Griefing of any players island.

4) No stealing of any items of a players island.

5) Do not kill players on your island

  • No death traps

  • Includes, tptrapping

6) AFK farms

  • AFK farms are farms where you have to make it and set it up and then work when your no around.

  • AFK farms are forbidden in a way of having farms like an afk fish farm or afk cobble farm.

  • AFKing by a spawner farm is fine you will get kicked in x amount of time not being active.

  • AFK skill farms are also forbidden. to afk while building up an mcmmo skill.

7) Building in nether / end allowed


  • Building in the nether or the end is allowed but if its griefed/stolen we will not punish the griefer or do any rollbacks


8) Island farming isn't allowed


  • What is island farming: making an island with your alt or a friend destroying it for items, putting on your main island and then resetting it and doing it all over again.

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