bug fix 1.0 update

Saturday 19 2020

The bug fix 1.0 update fixes many bugs reported by players and other bugs we found as well. We also added an OP Generator, missing blocks to the DIYer store. Read the complete documentation below.



  • Money pouch tiers

  • Nether blocks has been added to DIYER shop

  • OP gen has been added.



  • Typo in SkyTown Region fixed.

  • Sanitation team message timer is too short. *It has now been been changed to 15mins.

  • Bank interests not working.

  • lower spawn rate of friendly animals.

  • Hourly/30min pay was not working.

  • Iron golems not spawning in farms.

  • The spawnrate that mobs spawn via spawners has been lowed by 50%.

  • Players can't place or remove a enderchest on their island.

  • Staff ranks are now removed from the /is top list.

  • Iron blocks was missing from the jewelry shop.

  • Island creeper griefing has been disabled for all new islands (if you wish to enable it you can do so via the island)

  • /repair & /feed command and cooldowns did not, fixed permission nodes.

  • mob spawners not spawning mobs, mobs are spawning now.




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