Here is a list of our current staff members! 

You can read and learn a bit about the people responsible for ReliefMCNetwork.

Feel free to chat with them at any time! Just don't ping them directly please.



Hey Y'all I'm Congress. Welcome to our little corner in Minecraft, I'm the owner but considered memore of a player than anything else. As much as I enjoy breaking my head with plugin setups, setting up game modes, searching for talented individuals to work with, at the end of the day I enjoy sitting back and losing my self to a good video game. When I'm not here managing my team you can find me playing Minecraft, Skyrim, NFS, or enjoying my self at a music festival. Feel free to chat with me at any time.


head manager

Hello, My name is SKRWildfire or you can call me Sky or SKR. My job on this server is basically anything that isn't technical related. So staff management, player management, discord management and server management. I've had experience in all kinds of ways as a team leader and in player management and documentation (online and some irl). My simplest rule is have respect for me and around me and you get it back.

technical manager


My name is Vaiil or Vail I'm the technical manager, I'm the guy who is working behind the screen of the server on pretty much everything, but I'm always up to having fun and playing some cool games with anyone. I have been working with minecraft for a long time and still like doing as the first time I did it.

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