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As we continue to grow and develop our Network we rely heavily in our player’s user experience and feedback. Our goal is to create a professional atmosphere for players and an amazing experience for everyone. We encourage users to submit any requests for commands, permissions, improvements, management, to us so we can continue to develop and deliver the best experience possible. 


McBuildersRelief is an affiliate of BoxWolfStudios, and ReliefRealms and represents the same goal our mother company BWS holds. McBuildersRelief goal is to deliver a unique, professional, fun and amazing user experience for all players who enter our networks. If you feel our goal is not being hold up to our standards we encourage you to contact our PR team to help us improve in achieving our goal.


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Our staff is here to make your experience in our Network one of a kind. We are here for you! Feel free to chat with us in game or in Discord. 

Support Help

You can find all of our support access applications here. Please contact any of our staff directly if you have any questions.


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