Play Our Minecraft Survival mode alone or with friends. Take your time and enjoy your play through or challenge your self in a night during the Blood Moon! Survive and outlast other players! 


Surviving is your only objective. Play alone or with friends. Take your time and enjoy your play through or challenge your self during the Blood Moon, and see if you can last the night. Build bases, setup shop and  make new friends with our new survival mode!


Welcome to DK's Passage, a small village dedicated to the warrior DKFull. The small village is overlooked by a large statue of DKFull, the villagers build the statue in his honor for his great war battles.

More Information

To access the survival server use /server survival

To view diffrent worlds within the server do /warp list for a list of available worlds.

Survival Rules

Besides our normal rules these are some extra rules & information for survival mode only

click here to read all of the survival related rules. 

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Survival Only Ranks

Our survival mode features 3 purchasable ranks and 2 free ranks for players to enjoy, free of cost. To learn more about each rank click here. To purchase a rank please visit our game store by clicking here.

Survival Features

Here is a complete list and description of every feature available in our survival mode.

PVP On / Off Features

Battle it out with other players when you want to, but be aware! Once you go into PVP you must finish your battles before you go on your marry way, or suffer the consequences! It's all fun and games until you accept a PVP challange...

Crates & Crate Room

Fancy your luck? See what you can earn from our crates to aid your adventure. Vote crates available by earning a vote crate key from our vote rewards. Crate Keys available for purchase in our game store click here. To use your key travel to the crate room using the in game warp command.

Blood Moon


The classic Blood Moon plugin brings you a fun and challenging mode, ready to challenge the most advance Minecraft Survival player! Blood Moons are every 5 days with a possibility of a longer nights with higher level monsters, higher monster spawning, monster power ups, boss battles. Challenge the red moon and earn rewards for surviving the night!

Gadgets Menu GUI

Gadgest Menu GUI brings fun and creative cosmetics, pets, cloaks, and more to enhanced your game play. Earn Mystery Dust by voting, crates, and more to unlock new items in the Gadgets Menu GUI. 


Build your base with zero worries! With our BlockClaim plugin you can claim land, build, store your items with zero worries of griefers or hackers getting into your containers or base. Every player begins with 500 claimable blocks to begin their adventure. Earn more blocks by voting, crates, and by playing daily! Every hour you play you earn +15 your Claim Block amount total! Extra claimable blocks also available in the game store. 

HeadData Base GUI

What's a base with no interior or exterior decorations. Missing that extra touch to complete your mega base, shop, or house? No worries! Full access to the HeadData Base GUI! Includes over 3000 Heads to decorate and take your builds to a new level! Categories such as; decorations, food, heads, animals, alphabet, and more!

Banner Maker GUI

We cant let you make an amazing base and not add a personal touch with a custom banner! With our custom banner you can create amazing banners to decorate your base or even sell in your personal shops!


Create your very own shop in your base and allow other players to browse and purchase your items for Survival Coins! Set your own items, prices, and amounts to suit your own needs. Keep an eye with the server's economics as they change on a random basis, and can be your ticket to some easy Survival Coins!

Auction House

Step right up! Step right up! With Auction House you have another method of making money or even more for that matter. A global chat for all players to browse and purchase items from other players base on demand, value and other factors. Remember to keep an eye out for random change in our server economics!

Sell Wands

Yet another method to make money! Sell Wands grant you access to sell your chest inventory for Survival Coins. Great for those extra items you cant sell in your shop, or just keep stacking up in your inventories!

Server Shop

Buy items from the dedicated server shop with an easy command from anywhere in the world. Keep and eye on prices and listed items as they change in a random basis.

Player Vaults

Don't trust our promise with BlockClaim? We don't blame you, one can never be to safe! Store your most valuable items or the op weapon with zero worries of ever losing it! Personal player vaults ensures any items you place in there will be safe from anyone except your self, also ensures that it will be in your vault, next time you log in! 


The classic RPG level system brings you a more immersive game play for you to enjoy. Earn and spend McMMO points with the GUIRedeemMcMMO point reward and redeem system. Earn bonus points from crates and use them to level specific traits, don't worry we wont tell anyone you didn't catch all those fish...


Earn valuable items from op weapons, survival coins, cosmetics, mob spawners, in game items and more with our multiple selection of crates to chose from! Voting, Good, Mega, Ultra crates available for you to open! Each crate requires a key that can be purchase here in our game store or earn by voting and events.

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