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Helping us grow is simple and we reward you for helping us with vote rewards! All you need to do is vote in any of the website we are listed on. Scroll down to see the full list of websites you can vote in. When voting ensure you are online, and in the desire server you wish you receive your vote reward.

Vote Rewards

Need some help in your journey? Help us, help you! Voting rewards you with in game items and other rewards!

Voting for our Network helps us gain popularity and it gives you some awesome items as a thank you!

3 Iron Ores

2 Gold Ores

32 Cobblestone

32 Grass Blocks

2 Red Stone Ores

3 Lapiz Ores

1 Vote Crate Key

1 Diamond Ore

16 EXP Bottles

10 Golden Carrots

8 Steaks

1 Notch Apple

1 Farm Package

1 Mushroom Spawn Egg

1 Totem of Undying

Voting Listings

Here are all the websites we are listed on, vote daily for max rewards and a vote party.


Minecraft Top Server

click here to vote


click here to vote


click here to vote

click here to vote


click here to vote

click here to vote

Minecraft Server List

click here to vote

Minecraft MP

click here to vote

Minecraft Servers

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click here to vote


click here to vote


click here to upvote


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The Mine List

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